SGA Environmental Committee

Vote YES for the Green Fee 
Help students drive UMass towards a sustainable future
SGA Elections are March 9, 10, and 11. 
Vote at the Campus Center (11-5) or online at

What is the Green Fee Referendum?

  • The Green Fee Referendum is a STUDENT INITIATED referendum on the SGA ballot that, if passed, will create a $5 per semester non-waivable Green Fee for undergraduates at UMass. More than 2100 students signed a petition within 5 days in support of placing the referendum on the Spring 2010 SGA Ballot.
  • The Green Fee would be used to support fund campus sustainability projects related to student involvement. These could include student trips, speakers, on-campus paid student sustainability internships, the campus eco-rep program, and even student proposed projects.   
  • The Green Fee would be managed by a majority-student committee. All money collected from the Green Fee would go to a fund managed by a committee of students and supporting faculty and administrators. Students would be in majority on the committee so that this is truly a student-run effort.
  • Click here to download the full proposal 

Why Vote YES for the Green Fee?

  1. All initiatives funded by the Green Fee would be directly related to student involvement and benefit OUR campus. Money could go towards student trips, speakers, on-campus sustainability internships, the campus eco-rep program, and student proposed projects.
  2. To make YOUR ideas a reality! Say, for instance, that you have an idea to make our campus more environmentally or socially responsible (i.e. renewable energy projects, campus gardens, etc.). You could apply for a grant, and then a committee comprised of appointed students and faculty would allocate funds for your project. 
  3. To raise more than $100,000 each semester to drive UMass toward a sustainable future! The money generated by the green fee would go towards sustainability initiatives and programs that directly involve the student body and make our university a more environmentally and socially responsible institution.

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