SGA Environmental Committee

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Student Initiatives


The UMass Eco Rep is a peer to peer sustainability education program that focuses on increasing environmental literacy within the residence halls and across campus.  Every month, Eco-Reps adopt a campaign that is directly relevant to those students who live in the dorms, with the hopes that tudents adopt more sustainable life practices, while also reducing our campuses impact as a whole. Eco-Reps earn academic credit for their work in this Program.

Garden Share

GardenShare is a registered student organization at UMass. Students in this organization learn about sustainable agriculture by tending to an organic garden on Tillson Rd. in Amherst. Students may also take a 1 credit course to work with Gardenshare.

People's Market

Located in the student union of the University of Massachusetts, People's Market has long been known as the best place on campus for organic coffee, herbal teas, fresh bagels and fruit, gourmet cheese, healthy snacks, and refreshing cold drinks. As one of the oldest student-run business at UMass, People's Market is also a living classroom in business management, the food industry, and collective leadership. At People’s Market, we have a strong commitment to providing customers with food products from socially and environmentally responsible companies

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