SGAEC Meeting Minutes for Sept 29,2010 - SGA Environmental Committee
Univ of Massachusetts Amherst

Student Government Association Environmental Committee

Minutes for Sept 29,2010

Time:(  8:00pm)  Meeting Opened

Member Present

                Joseph Klufts (2011)

                Patrick Donlan (2011)

                Kim Rinard (2011)

                Jackie Willwert (2011)


Committee members discussed prospective goals for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Primary long term goals were split between the fall and spring semester.  The committee would like to hold a rally on Oct 20, 2010 to mark the 6-month anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  The committee will co-host a Sustainability Summit during the Spring semester, . 

Secondary short-term goals were identified and members will work on these over the course of the academic year as necessary.  Secondary goals include- data gathering/surveying the student body and generating proposals for new sustainability practices that may be implemented on campus


K Rinard spoke with R Dutton regarding the option of applying to become an agency. 

 Agency status offers many benefits for the SGAEC.  The SGAEC would receive a budget of $50k/year.  A portion of the budget($20k) must be allocated to a faculty, staff, or grad student sponsor.  Specific procedures must be followed to obtain agency status.  The SGAEC must apply to become an agency. 


The committee collectively agreed that a recruiting event is necessary to generate new members and promote involvement.  The committee will go dorm storming at a future date to be determined, during the week of Oct 8,2010. 

ACTION ITEM- K Rinard to generate chop jobs for the dorm storming campaign-(deadline Oct 5)

ACTION ITEM- P Donlan will create a Facebook page to be added to the chop job

ACTION ITEM – P Donlan/K Rinard create Gmail account to put on chop job


J Willwert inquired as to what the committee wanted to do with new recruits, once we had a group.

Committee discussed holding movie viewing, conducting discussions, tech-talks, presentations, or park cleanups.   

Mission Statement –“ to promote environmentally conscious and socially responsible practices at UMass Amherst while facilitating future green educational and employment opportunites within the Five College Area”

ACTION ITEM –K Rinard will generate a mission statement to put on chop job


K Rinard recommended the potential need for future meetings separate from events, where committee members can conduct administrative affairs.


J Klufts proposed that the SGAEC seek an alternative location to hold meetings.  Several options were recommended and the committee members will research the availability/access of the various options

ACTION ITEM- K Rinard research (1) WEB Dubois Library rooms and (2) Draper Hall access

ACTION ITEM –J Klufts research (1) Morrill II Rm 222 and (2) Agri Bldg Rm 128


SGAEC-                 Next meeting Wed Oct 6,2010   8:00pm Blue Wall


Minutes respectfully submitted by Secretary Kim Rinard

11/5/2010 07:22:38 pm

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